Friday, 24 October 2014

Sailor Whites

Top - Daisy Street
Skirt - SheInside
Shoes - Primark
Choker - Depop

I think I was inspired by Sammi from the 'Beauty Crush' for this look. I am not 100% sure but I remember saying to myself "Oh! I didn't even think of those two things going together." My first thought to team this up with a skirt would be a navy or black pleat (pleats are my fave :D ) but instead I found this look very enlightening so to speak! Certainly brings out the lines and some stronger sailer vibes. Makes my hair pop too :)

This skirt is a dupe of the American Apparel tennis skirt. Although, I think I mentioned in a previous posted, that it does actually have an American Apparel label.. so..... I don't know.

I would usually wear white frilly sock with the shoes and they would go very well with this outfit but both pairs were in the wash, all filthy, so.. just so you know.. haha

CravingClothes xoxo

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