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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Top - Primark
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes - Primark

Feel like a oversized child/school girl in this attire but its beyond cute! I couldn't believe the absolute bargain I bagged with the top. Only £5 and its perfect for festival and the 70s trend! Which I love, I fall in love with the festival trend every year haha. The waist of this top is elasticated and felt really tight when I tired the size 8. I know what I'm like, I prefer comfort over everything so I tried the 10 and that was still really tight feeling. So I tried the size 12 but it was too big around the bust and was showing off the little ladies. So I decided to get the 10 and just stretch the elastic as much as I could which did ease it a little bit but still feels tight when I put it on. After wearing it to work I actually wish I bought the 8 because I don't even feel how tight the top is on my waist. It only feels tight when I first put it on and then nothing, not even any marks. Oh well! Still love it just feel a little loose on the bust.

When this skirt was released in Topshop EVERYONEEEE bought it. Which always puts me off because I don't want to be like everyone else, however, I have also realised I should ignore those thoughts because at the end of the day, if I like it, I generally like and not because everyone else does. Its sooooooo cute! Button down, denim and a-line, oh babes. Again my usual Topshop dilemma with sizing, I think I mentioned before I found this skirt in an 8 fairly tight but the 10 was massive. So I settled for the 8 and its actually before comfortable which is great! I know most Topshop bottoms stretch but not all of them!

Hope you enjoy this outfit post :)

Craving Clothes xoxo


  1. Nice blog you and your dress both are very beautiful white with blue denim always look fabulous for more new designs in rockabilly dresses uk please visit sexyher dresses.

  2. I think it fits fine! love the skirt and you're right, sometimes it sucks when you really like something then everyone and their mum has it, but what can you do!

    Charlotte Harvs - Blog

    1. haha 'and their mum has it' That just hits the whole everyone has it notion on the head :'L Classic :)
      Thanks for reading xx