Boho Cold Shoulder

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Dress - Primark
Floral Garland - Primark
Bag - Primark
Shoes - Topshop (You could find similar in Primark but I like these better)

Its a fabulous Primark outfit for a total of £23 (ish, I can't remember how much the Garland was...) When I spotted this Primark dress it looked like a beautiful summer bargain! With some bohemian vibes in there somewhere. For £13 I couldn't say no. Before trying it on I expected the lacey middle to visible and the statement piece to the dress but it wasn't, it crupples up and lets the top over lay. So after I let go of the fact the lace wouldn't do as I thought, I loved how the top layered over. I bought a size 6 because I preferred the fitting figure to it, however the 8 was practically better because it covered my bum properly :'L This size 6 only just covers it with its floaty behaviour. Shorts underneath secure any exposure and to be honest you can't actually see my shorts so its relatively long enough. ANYYYYwayyy... My second favourite bit of the dress is the cold shoulder! Off shoulder and cold shoulder is 'on trend' so to speak at the moment and I adore off the shoulder but I don't like it on myself because I have broad shoulder, however the cold shoulder design is perfect as it distracts from the shoulders and onto the edge.

 This bag is yet another brilliant bargain! When the tan and black came out I was constantly telling myself, don't get it, you don't need it, take control woman! And I did, really well. However a week later, as it got warmer, I realised I was carrying a lot of little bits to school with me when I pick my son up and I couldn't hold them all in my hand with possibility of loosing or dropping them. So I went to get the black on (as it goes better with my wardrobe) but they only had the tan left, I was trying to resist the tan because I feel like I have been sucked into the tan trend and I know I won't like it next year. It fits a small drink in there, your phone and bank cards. So not bad, especially for £7.

Lastly, feel like this is a long post! The shoes :) I was planning on buying some tan lace ups that go up to my knees but no one has made any chunky sole ones, waaaaaa :'( I liked the Topshop ones the most but after feeling the sole, it was really hard!! So I felt the sole of this shoe and its really soft and squidgy. I gave them a chance and I love them!!!! Pricey £55 I wouldn't say they are all the worth, the suede stains easy with water. They were rained on, the drizzle kind, so barely anything and they have the marks of the droplets on them! What is that about? I don't know if that I just suede in general...?

Craving Clothes xoxo

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