Palm Leaf Holidays

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bralet - Missguided
Wrap Leaf Print Skirt - Missguided
Glasses - Topshop

Reallyyy have to sort out how I do blogging now. I mean, have you seen how messed up my editing is for the past 3 posts? if you look at the 3rd to last picture above, you can see how grey my freshly WHITE walls come out on camera. WORSE then the cream/magnolia before hand. I shall google this 0.o

Anywho! Totally over the moon with getting this skirt, it was in the sale for £7 then reduced to £5! Its  really comfy and unlike the other asymmetric skirt I have from misguided its not revealing of the lady garden as it rides up. Also, it doesn't ride up as much to be honest. The print is just amazing for the holiday vibes and really warm weather in the UK. I would love to get away with it in the winter so it has versatility but there is no way I could rock this print in cold miserable weather. I'd look like a looney.

Every since getting into bralets last year I have been trying to find a nice few this year but its very slim! Missguided were great for a range of cute bralets last year so I gave them a look'see and found this cute one! Its a hook eye and tie front, super comfy but rather small I would say. I bought a size 8 and at first I still assumed I was a 32C bra and the bralet did not fit at all! I was considering a 10 and although, of course, your meant to wear it without a bra, I would prefer not to, plus it looked liked a collapsed, over worn, padded bra. I realised I had lost so much weight that I had forgot to check my cups size. Down by two! (le cry) to a 32A but at least now the bralet fits great! Still feel like its a bit tight but if I sized up it would be too loose.

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