Ripped Knees & Layering

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans - Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - New Look
Shoes - New Look Sale

Hey guys. Things are pretty busy being a mum. Im sure blogger mums always make time for this kind of stuff (writing a blog post) but for me its getting too much. I mean, its currently 6.40pm and I still have to get dinner on the go. The only time spare I have during Tuesday and Thursday is an hour at 5pm but it always drags over.. Anyway my point is... how do YOU GUYS, yes you, feel about me no longer writing up posts? Just simply posting pictures and adding the details of where each item was from? I don't mind, to be honest, writing posts every now and then about the pros and cons of the outfits items or a small story about getting an item but I don't know how often they would be.

I am more then happy to answer any questions anyone has about the items in the outfit to help them with any purchasing questions you would like answering, if that makes sense? So for example, someone wants to know if a certain pair of shoes rub, or come up small/big etc... I'm more then happy to help :)

Let me know your thoughts please. Would be much appreciated.
Thank you & thanks for reading :)

Craving Clothes xoxo

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