Pastel Blue Teddy Coat

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Coat - George Asda
Dress - Topshop (summer)
Choker - Asos
Boots - LaModa

Last year my goal was to obtain a pink coat. Unfortunately funds got low and I obtain one I was reasonably happy with last year, but I love it this year, maybe its my matching hair? Anyway! This year, as pastel blue is my fave colour, I promised myself to go on the hunt for the RIGHT pastel blue coat and I have to say, although this one is fab, it is not over. This fabulous teddy coat is from George @ Asda. "ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE!" Honestly so soft and cosy and really warm too! Only at £25 too :O crazy awesome bargains! The coat is quite an oversized size as I am wearing a size 10 and I would need a 6 or 8, just like the Primark teddy coats. Feeling some fluffy cookie monster vibes as well haha

In the end I decided to send it back, although I love it so badly, I know there is a better one coming (BOOHOO {wink wink nudge nudge}) and I cannot wait! hopefully it won't make me look so bulky!

This white dress is from Topshop during the summer. I have never actually worn it and I still haven't. Most likely because I know it will get ruined and its too much of a pretty dress to ruin! 

I also got these new LaModa boots. So amazing! I am a little worried because the chunky part is made of foam *confused face* I have no idea how they will react to the rainy weather? And thats what I usually buy boots for! But they are very comfy and give me the lift I need. I bought a size 5 but I think I need a 6 as they are rather snug and cable knit socks (thin-ish) make it fairly uncomfortable. 

Craving Clothes xoxo

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