Faux Joggs

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Top - Missguided 
Joggers - H&M 

I have been looking for some faux leather joggers for months and then H&M started selling them so I bombed into there as quick as money could take me haha. I really like these joggers however I feel they should be a bit baggy. They are really thin and for some reason I fee little exposed as such because of so and they don't look so relaxed without being baggy either. Also, at my new job its so hot! I wouldn't last a day in these because they are really warm! great for winter I'd have to say

I returned the joggers and found some by misguided HERE which I am awaiting to buy when payday arrives. I have seen them on blogger Sarah Ashcroft and they looked exactly the same as the H&M fit but I'm hoping for the best with the misguided ones! Plus, they are wet look so hopefully I won't get so hot in them!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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  1. Did you know Select also do some?? I put them on my Wishlist here - http://itsalwaysdarkestbeforethedawn1.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/autumn-wishlist-2014.html?m=1 so I haven't tried them myself yet but Select don't usually let me down. They're such a bargain! Love this post! xx