Ribbed and Quilted

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Hat - Primark
Faux fur scarf - Bank Fashion

I never in a million years would have thought I would start craving khaki and burgundy colours, autumnal colours basically. I have always craved pastels but had trouble getting my hands on them and I think due to the recent pastel trends hitting the high street store and my shopping cravings towards them, I have finally got pastels out of my system or at least satisfied the craving enough to let other colours into my tastes.

As you may know, or not, I started a job at Topman and it is required of me to wear Topshop clothing to represent the brand and so on. So on payday I went hunting in store, spent 3 hours!!! in there also chasing after my son who is a menace when it comes to clothes shopping as he just loves to wind me up. Any-who! In the end I picked out this number! absolutely adore ribbed textures as you may know by my previous blogs! and at only £10 for a Topshop basic its fabulous. I tried the Missguided turtle neck version of this but it was too short of a crop and was fairly see through. This on the other han is the perfect crop length and is not see through!

The skirt is so nice! not like the tacking quilted skirts you may see. However I feel sizing is odd... I tired the 10, perfect for my butt but my hips were letting the skirt ride up very swiftly! So I tried the 8 and was perfect for the waist but my butt was flat then the floor haha. Damn dat ass. So a size 10 was the end of it and I'm planning on getting a slip skirt and being hopeful It won't move up so quickly!

Topping it all of is this Bank Fashion faux fur scarf. Love fur and fluffy things if you haven't noticed? haha
What amazed me about this scarf is that it has a slot where you can push the other side of the scarf through and pull until the scarf is securely snuggling your neck! such a fantastic and practical scarf! My plan was to loop it through as I usually would with a scarf but it would have been to short. So pleased as I also try and stay with my own practicality of clothes otherwise they just don't get used.

Craving Clothes xoxo

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