Burgundy Grunge

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bralet, Choker & Culottes - Topshop Sale
Shoes Kimono - Primark

This outfit is certainly showing off the grunge side of me. I don't know what I am if i'm honest with you, I dress however I feel like... I could be grungy, chavy, girly, a clean cut tom boy... whatever!

I am slowly growing my culottes collection, from cream to black and now burgundy :D this sweetheart I scored for £10! :O Couldn't believe it! the bralet was £12 and the choker was £8.50 (yet another to my collection). Yes this outfit is not for the current weather however, at Topman Derby their air-con has been broken for 7 months and wearing any form of knit wear is asking for a death wish!

I do feel rather nakey in this outfit because of the bralet being so skimpy but I know thats because my mind is in winter mode not summer, so it kind of feel unacceptable to wear such a thing but I am convincing myself the kimono goes it some justice!
This cute kimono is from Primark, I think for £9. I wasn't going to get it for the fact that its winter! What are you doing Primark? But I knew when summer came around I would be gutted for not buying it, so I was sold! I will probably bring some cream into this outfit when summer hits, most likely replacing the bralet and shoes and who knows maybe my hat collection will grow then too :D

Craving Clothes xoxo


  1. This is gorgeous Tilly! The colours really suit your complexion. I think you've got some really fab bargains there too. As if Topmans air con doesn't work, I've never noticed before haha!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you Vicky :)
      haha you would if you were there for 10 min in your coat and knitwear! its roasting!!