Khaki and Lace

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bralet - Topshop
Trousers - Topshop
Shoes - Primark

I have been eyeing up khaki trousers for quite a few months now and just never really bit the bullet so to speak. If you remember in my previous blogs I had some Missguided Khaki trousers but I took them back because they were too tight on me. Working at Topman has its advantages of course and I got these on uniform, originally £40. The fit is a little odd in regards to sizing as the size 8 was so tight it was uncomfortable to breathe but the 10 was fairly loose sitting. The fellow Topshop girls recommended I get the 8 but I just was not comfortable at all so I got the 10. A week later my team leader had the trousers on and I asked her about the fit. she replied "I would usually buy a 12 but I bought a 10 in these and they have stretched out to be a comfy fit." Oh crap I thought as I had forgotten that Topshop trousers stretch! I hoped I could exchange them but whats done is done if you buy uniform. I'm honestly praying they don't stretch and if they do its off to the tumble dryer!

This lace bralet is amazing in its detail! And really modest too as unlike most bralet that show off your breasts, this one covers it up gracefully. I think this was between £28-32 and well worth it. I would usually buy an 8 to support my bust however the zip kept running down its self so I opted for the 10, again a little tight but the 12 just overlapped its lace for being so big on me.

Pieced together creates a fabulous modest, gorgeously detailed autumnal coloured outfit!

CravingClothes xoxo

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  1. The detailing on the lace top is absolutely gorgeous! You look great :)

    Christina x