Forest Lace

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Top - Topshop Petite
Culottes - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Pink Soda - Bank Fashion
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Hat - Primark

Today I have been shooting blog posts and doing videos from 9am-3pm non stop. My brain is fried haha, so lets see if I can write this baby up!

Really love this little lace number! It also comes in black so I bagged that too! I bought a size 6 in both because I really wanted the lace to high enough that is fairly into a crop top rather then a top so that the lace sits in a position that makes it a statement. I'm not usually the one for green, mint is probably as close as I would go, a pastel kind of mint of course! But I absolutely adored this forest green and lace combo.

OH yeah, so I don't have pink hair anymore :( Had to do my roots again so everything got washed out! and now my roots are bright orange, hahahaha, hence why I live in fedora's these days. I'm thinking of going lilac but as I haven't done it before and the pink won't completely wash out, I'm worried it will go tits up and hit London Fashion Weekend with horrid hair. But you only live once is what I try to go by as I am a safe player and its really frustrating at times!

Back to the outfit.. I was going to pair this top up with a cream pleated skirt, however the outfit created a strong summer vibe so I had to pass. I wanted to present something more tomboy(ish) and covering!

I got this cute little shoes for £10 in the Bank Fashion closing down sale, so sad! they were a good brand! I just think there is so much competition these days its hard for every retailer to fed the monies! They are really comfy and I cannot wait to wear them in the summer. I really love the strappy ankle and then a small gap with a big block of croc print, what I mean is usually strappy ankle shoes show off a lot of ones foot, which I hate, so this provides good coverage.

Lastly, the necklace. What a bargain! I bought 4 necklaces from Urban Outfitters for £15 when they were meant to cost me £40-50 all together, bargain!! Absolutely love crystals so it was a must have and I have more to come!

CravingClothes xoxo

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