Double Denim

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pinafore - Topshop
Shirt - Topshop
Shoes - Primark 

Feeling invisible in double denim haha. Adore this little combo of blended denim. I have always loved some double denim action but never really liked the combos I attempted but I just grab everything I like in Topshop every now and then and whack on what I have and sometimes fab creations come to piece.

I am usually one who stays far far far away from a dark denim just simply because it doesn't suit my pale complexion and dark hair but I don't have dark hair anymore, its blonde so I can get away with it and that has certainly pleased me! I feeling more flexible in outfit construction as a blog. Usually I would stay away from black to but its all good now :)
The shirt is really comfy and lightweight. Although it says MOTO Topshop in the label, which I assumed was Topshop's denim range (real denim e.g. jeans...) The shirt isn't actually made of denim it just has that look and smell! It smells so weird which I guess is the dyes put into it to make it looks like a denim wash. Quite surprised at the price too as I was think it would £40 but it was £32, which is pretty decent for Topshop!

Love this Pinafore!! Always a sucker for pinafores because they are so girly, feminine, just love them! haha. I had my typical Topshop fight with this though! A size 8 was great around the waist but I just couldn't get my bum in it! and that also made the denim pull at the front making a bum where my tummy laid. So I got the size 10 and I am still unsure because It looks really baggy and as It will be something for summer too, with a crop top the pinafore is going to look massive! I have had 'well its supposed to look baggy' comments of fellow Topshop members but also from my partner! which I was surprised at so that has given me a confident thought. This is denim and again it is really lightweight, so much comfier this way!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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