Payday Wish List

Thursday, 26 March 2015

1. Nude Suede Fringe Mini Dress

As you can see, nude is still playing a huge part in my cravings. I dunno, I just seem to be attracted to it when I browse the web.

1. I was initially going to make a Pretty Little Thing wish list as I have been lusting over a few things for months but my tastes have moved on slightly so there wasn't as much as I thought I wanted. Anyway, I began browsing their new in section and came across this adorable fringed suede dress! There is certainly a Pocahontas vibe, very princess dreamy. It looks like it will be quite baggy but I'll soon see if I get my hand son it!

4. UGH THIS SKIRT, I WANT IT SO BAD! But its ridiculously priced! I mean, c'mon, what teenage-young adult can afford it, realistically? Obviously a lot as it has almost sold out but still! Its way over priced, far beyond my part-time budget. WAHHHHH.

6. I saw this top on LuLuTrixabelle's Instagram when she visited the Missguided SS15 event and I have kept the image in my phone every since. It doesn't really stand out to me hear but in the image I have, I adore it completely. Its such a fab festival/summer top and I was head over heels for crochet last year but could never get my hands on some good stuff!

3 & 7. Both of these are from Topshop and I was tagging and hanging them in the stock room today as the back of house lad went home early so they needed an extra pair of hands. I thought it looks like such a cute 70s combo and usually I wouldn't go for such a dark shade of denim but I love the mix and with a camel hat, 70s perfection! I was quite surprised at the price of this, only £28! Thats beyond half the price of the other button skirt and its denim, doesn't make sense to me but a bargain awaits!

8. I am not one for the Utility trend simply because of the colour palette but then I came across this on Topshops website and now I am all for it, well all for this dress! Not sure I like the cut off hem around the waist, I think its should look like a shirt dress. 

9. Oh Baby! More tassels of course! I was watching the catwalk video to this dress and its so sassy and beautiful. Although I could only see it in monition in the black colour, I am hopeful the nude with look just as damnnnn fine!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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