Its a Blush Thing Really.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Top - RiverIsland
Shorts - Vero Moda
Hat - Topshop (last year)
Shoes - Topshop sale
Bag - HM

Okay, so I go crazy every time I shot. Frustration gets the most of me and as it takes me sooooo long to shoot I loose a bit of sanity every time, THEN, my crazy honest side comes out. The third picture from the bottom I would describe as 'how I feel when I find something I love!' OHHH MMMMYYYY GAAAAWDDDDDDD ITS TASSLE/FRINGE AND ITS BLUSHHHHHH.

ANYWAY! back to the outfit in general. As I always say, I am in luuurrrrrvvveeee with this outfit. When I first saw this top, I think around february, I had to have it! It was £38 but I patiently waited in hope for a deal and student discount came along :D I thought I was going off it but after wearing it again, its the best monochrome piece I may ever own/have seen.

The shorts are current from Vero Moda. I was just about to put my foot on the escalator, with people starting to pile behind me when I saw it and dodged though the crowd. At a adorable price of £20, no was not an answer. I find it really difficult to find a good pair of linen shorts, you know with the right material and not so see through! These were fabulous, so soft but unfortunately they are a little bit see through but no more then wearing white pants with a white skirt kind of thing. They are unbelievably comfy!! I can't get over it! They also crease like a biatch though but I don't care. Love em'

Craving Clothes xoxo


  1. Such as cute outfit. Your facial expression with the bag, love it! Haha.

    1. haha thank you Rachel :) mild insanity there haha

  2. Gorgeous outfit, the colour matching is perfect.