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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dress/Tunic - Topshop
Hat - Primark (recent)
Belt - New Look

This dress!!! Im over the moon!!! I have been loving this dress for a very long time and unfortunately it was out of my price range (£40) and also not available at my local Topshop store so I couldn't get it on uniform either. I was watching it online and a size 8 came, went searching for it but I couldn't find it in store. I then saw it a few times on the last chance rail but that was moved about upstairs in the stock room a lot as there wasn't a lot of room on the floor during that time. I gave up on it mainly because of the expense. However.. shopping for uniform one day I saw it hanging at the back of some other items, so I grabbed it to try it on, hoping I would be put off it but its just so perfect!!! Eventually I convinced myself to buy it despite being out of my clothes budget at the time. GUESS WHAT HAPPEN!!! Got to the till and it came up as £25!! because it was in the sale!!!! How lucky am I! I was beyond happy, beyond being over the moon, haha I honestly can't explain it.

I love this piece because of its colour and because its something you can literally just whack on, add some accessories and it looks amazing! I would love some tan knee high sandals with it, how hot would that be!? It is slightly see through but wearing nude/white undies makes it all goooood :D

I added my favourite statement belt to it to bring my figure out as its quite baggy as a size 8, but I'm not complaining. I firstly wore the belt as I normally would and then remembered one of my favourite styling tips of belts, the loop tie. I think it looks so fashionista when you loop tie a belt and just adds such a perfect edge to an outfit.

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