Denim Dungarees

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dungarees - Topshop Sale
Ribbed Roll Neck - Primark
Converse Dupes - Primark

When you've only got £50 for clothes, hair and beauty every month you start to get down and dirty with research on things you want in regards to pricing. Two staple pieces for my wardrobe are a pair of denim dungarees and black dungarees. I have been researching for months for some nice dungarees no more then £15. Very tricky to find I tell you that. At first I didn't want to get anything baggy but that opinion was swayed with these dungarees. After doing Topshop stock take I scanned through these, had a check on the price, £25 in sale and found out shortly after work that there was an additional 20% off sale so of course I jumped at the chance!! I wasn't sure at first, I thought I would most likely to return them but after doing this blog shoot I love them! I think what has swayed me is that there not plain, there acid wash and they are slightly high waisted! Thats the issues I find with dungarees, they emphasise the biggest part of me, my hips and its not flattering.

Paired the dungarees with a another wardrobe staple for AW, this primark ribbed roll neck. Is super soft and not see through, well I don't see anything but the image above seems too? I dunno. Its was only £5 and I think its great!

The converse dupes were a steal! £6 but they come up really short as if someone has cut a small part of the toe cap off. I bought a size 5 and I know a size 6 would just slip off. At the time I wasn't bothered but then I found out NEWLOOK do the same dupes for £12 and I bet they would be comfy! So now I'm gutted but never mind, £6 not a loss.

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