Sale Wish List

Thursday, 15 October 2015

1. Sleeveless Black Duster
2. Grey Drape Front Top
3. White Belted Joggers
4. Grey Longline Sleeveless Jacket
5. Jersey Zip Front Mini Skirt
6. Kitty Fringe Loafer
7. Kiwi Black Brogues
8. Black Crepe D-Ring Shorts

Hey guys. I apologise for my lack of posting. My life is super busy and stressful and I know its going to get worse with Christmas banging at my door. I still post a video on Youtube every Sunday if you wanted to catch up with me there. Its:

Whilst I have no pictures but some time, I thought I would do a Sale wish list of a few things I have been looking at and also purchasing for the Mid Seanson Sale. For once I have money for this! Not a lot though... £25... but still I have grabbed some things from Topshop with my staff discount on top, that helped! I am sure you will see them in my blogs hopefully in the near future..

My style is going very minimal now as you can see. I don't know what will happen in the summer as colour has clearly evaded my taste. Winter is the perfect to for that I think as most of the colours are really dark and just don't suit my skin tone. Minimalism is great because its not immensely expensive, its easy to dress for on a day to day basis without so much thought put into it.

Thanks for reading :)
Tilly, Craving Clothes xoxo

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