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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Coat - New Look

Minimalising everything now. Honestly it makes it so much easier! I have a pair of peg leg pastel blue trousers that I love to death but then I whack on a grey coat, or a parka and its looks awful! I loved wearing my black Mac coat during the traditional weather so I went on the search for basically a black Mac that was wooly! A smart coat really haha. It works a treat. At first I bought a coat from H&M which was a bargain £30! It was perfect (it was very oversized so I had to get a 6 rather then a 10 in that one) and it didn't have padding on the shoulders as they were drop shoulders. I didn't want padding because it makes my looks far too bulky. But then I realised, although it wraps around, there isn't any buttons or zips to seal you in... So I popped into New Look and found this one. Basically the same except for the drop shoulder and the super over size. Plus it comes with a detachable fur collar, bonus! This coat was £54.99? I think, I got 20% student discount so Im not a 100% but its either £1 more or less.

The coat has two buttons on the inside, and a third for a single seal. There are small buttons all around the collar to attach the fur scarf and its belted too, fabulous. However there are cons! the fur falls off easily and the elastic that attaches the collar to the coat stretches really easily which means the fur just detaches by its self whenever it feels like it! I was too bothered about that because I preferred to where the long fur scarf I bought from New Look last season because its long enough to tie around your neck. Definitely love the option of having the fur stole or not and the coat is super smart/chic. Thumbs up from me :D

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