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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Choker - Crescent Moon 

I have a small addiction to chokers. Its been there since I was a little girl but back then it wasn't fashionable and kids being kids, they were mean about it, which put me off until now, where I don't care what other think. Since coming into fashion and many designs have been released I have about 4 or 5 chokers. My favourites are my gold chain choker from Topshop and this cute Crescent Moon Choker from ANTI Apparel.

This choker is a beaded plastic elastic-like band that fits firmly, but comfortably in place on your neck. When I say firmly, I mean, it doesn't slip down but its not tight at all. I often have to double check I put it on it's that comfy. It comes in a set with a ring and a bracelet but personally, for me, its all about the choker.

The choker is from ANTI Apparel Deadstock Beaded 90's tattoo choker range. They also have a sun, yin yang symbol, Hamsa eye and more including chokers on a fine black string. I have been eyeing up their daisy chain choker recently, it would be a perfect summer choker!

The majority of the chokers are £5.73 including £1.75 shipping costs. Which is a brilliant price! Topshop had a similar choker for £5 but you can get a plain set from here for just £2.87! Bargain!

Tilly, Craving Clothes xox

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