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Friday, 18 July 2014

Bralet - Missguided
Shorts - Primark (also part of a two piece - if still available)
Bag & Hair Garland - Primark
Shoes - Available at Lavish Alice

Hey guys. I am on holiday currently but I have set up 2-3 posts to keep things going :)
This is my go to summer outfit at the moment, so comfy and pink! The head band however is not comfy, especially in this heat! I end up taking it off within an hour and I have red marks on my head. I guess that is due to my head size haha, gutted because its the perfect simplistic garland!

As usual I am wearing my favourite shoes :) You'll be seeing these a lot! Mainly because I am not a shoe fan and when I am I never have the money for them! Always the issue aye!

The most magnificent piece about this outfit is the bag, at only £8 its an amazing to say its primark. Hope your enjoying this weather whilst it last :)

Tilly, Craving Clothes xoxo

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