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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Jeans - Topshop Joni
Shoes - Primark
Hat - Topshop

I have been searching for the right/perfect striped top for a while now. I have been seeing them everywhere (bloggerwise) but everything that was posted was long out of stock :( Finally I found this navy striped top from Daisy street for only £12! My first mission was for a crop short sleeve but as winter is approaching I thought this was better fitting to the temperature, although i may en dup cutting it into a crop :) The material is very soft/silk-like and is a comfy fit.

The trousers WERE black but something must have happened in the washing machine as they turned navy! It was literally there first wash too :/ disappointed Topshop but its more then likely my fault. I usually do a 30min wash on now, dark, clothes so that the colour doesn't transfer but I completely forgot. Now its navy its very suiting for this nautical get up.

The shoes, my god the shoes!!!! I am in love with these brogues, not only are they chunky sole but they are patent too! Im just overly pleased and for £15 I don't see how you can't be happy.

The choker is something I put together from Zoe Danielle's nautical double up, taking the chain from the wheel and put the anchor on it instead. Im so impressed by the many things I can hang off this choker chain haha. I have been hanging my rose quarts from regal rose on it recently and its gorgeous!

Tilly, Craving Clothes xoxo

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