Fur Overload

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fur coat - Boohoo
Turtle Neck Top - Missguided
Fluffy Earrings - Gifted by Futuristicmeg on Instagram (email below)
Shoes - La Moda
Trousers - Joni Topshop
Fluffy bag - DEPOP - Kyliejanee

I cannot believe I own this coat! I have wanted a coat exactly like this since I was 14 (now 22) but I have only ever seen the jacket coats, you know.. the ones that only came up to your hip, let all the winter air in and didn't cover your bum! This is perfect! well almost, it doesn't have pockets :(
But I don't care!!! Its the best thing in the world to me haha. Its so warm and I recommend sizing down, I already did on my first purchase (from 10 to 8) and its a perfect fit.

AND I have to tell you guys about the AMAZING service Boohoo provided me! 
I was over the moon when I received this coat as it was the first online purchase in a while that I was happy with, size wise as obviously everything else is amazing already! However just as I was about to de-tag the item and put it in my wardrobe, I noticed that the tag was an 8 but the coat labels were 12. I was furious! There is always something wrong when I buy things online. I contacted Booho straight away requesting for one to be shipped asap so I don't loose out on my size and thats exactly what they did!! I couldn't believe it! Next day delivery, all costing on their behalf. I received the coat in a size 8 and sent the size 12 back noting the mistake they made and ensuring they don't refund me.

Ehm, anyway... moving on.. I was gift these gorgeous earrings from Instagram user FuturisticMeg. She is currently making them to order and if you would like some please email her on:


They are so perfect for this coat which is exactly what I wanted them for where I saw her post her own pair. Just so much fluff in this post! 

And to top all this fabulous fur post off I wore such a gorgeous pink turtle neck from Missguided. Absolutely adore it but its really short and a lil see through so it has to go back *waaaaaa
I'll be on the hunt for a pale pink ribbed turtle neck now!

CravingClothes xoxo

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