Cable Knit

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Cable knit - Primark
Black quilted skirt - Topshop
Tartan skirt - Primark
Boots - H&M

I am starting to miss blogging if I am honest with you guys! I do love doing a bit of social media blogging but I feel its so unorganised and I don't want to constantly post new things I bought as I feel its too commercialised, so to speak.. At least with blogging I can show the new things I buy in an expressive way and not just, oh look more new stuff because I am a shopaholic, hehe.

Anyway.. Let me introduce you to the best cable knit in the world, haha. Its oversized, chunky and has a really nice pattern in the middle, and only £14. Thank you Primarni! Its so cosy and warm. It is quite heavy but I don't actually notice when I am wearing it, only picking it up and I don't mean heavy as in its pulling on your wrist weight, I am mean heavy for a top...

I teamed this up with a quilted mini skirt in hope for some kind of 60s/granny vibes but I think I need to fold the top at the bottom so that you can see the skirt more. I think I would also prefer it tucked in but then again that would depend on whether or not it makes a massive bulge in the skirt. In also paired the knit with this £8 tartan pleat skirt. Its so perfect for my tastes in tartan and skirt type. I really like the school girl vibe its trying to pull off and with an oversized knit, I think thats really cute!

Last but not least! Merry christmas everyone!!!!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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