Jumper Dress

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Jumper Dress Roll neck
Thigh High Socks, Bag
All Primark
Choker - DEPOP - LucyKeeble

Hey guys! I hope you read my last post as I think I mentioned I wouldn't be blogging during December. I have filmed a Primark Lookbook for my Youtube channel which I will upload in a few days and I found quite a few photos I took at the same time as getting the camera to focus during filming, and some pics I generally intended to take. I would also like to mention that I am wearing shorts underneath. Some jersey-like shorts I bought in primark last year, which I would usually do for skirts.

I absolutely adore this jumper! Its so comfy, its not itchy in the slightest and so warm! Its something you can just whack on with leggings or thigh high socks/ shoes like I have done. I think I could live in it! I think it was only about £14 and you can get things similar in Zara. Super bargain! 
The bag is my second favourite thing! I can't believe how amazing it is only for £10!!! It looks so much more expensive. 

Lastly, the cute little reindeer/stag choker. (I'm calling it a stag after xmas ;) )
I think this is adorable and I have always had a thing for stags/deer heads! The only thing I don't like about this is the length of chain, its simply not short enough and the deer head doesn't sit nicely on your neck, It need more choice within its length on the chain for the various neck sizes.

Merry Christmas!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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