Silver Sequins!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dress - Topshop
Choker - Topshop
Shoes - Newlook w/ black frilly socks :)

Hello all. Its my Graduation week! Despite that my fellow students and I finished in June, The University Of Derby inset on having it in January every year, lord knows why... but it will be nice to see everyone. The day after Graduation is the Graduation Ball!!! Which is why I purchased this amazing sparkly dress! I love it so much!!! Its very modest, elegant and darn right gorgeous. Pricing at £85 I think is quite reasonable for a body on full of sequins and little gems. There is a two piece avail be in this also which I wanted but they were out of stock in my sizes and I'm afraid this is too! I watch this dress online until it came in, hurray! 

**TIP: Keep the page of the item you want up on your phone and check it every morning and afternoon because what you need to remember is that people return items and they go back online if they are returned to the warehouse.... Honestly this trick has worked wonders for me several times!

Unfortunately, to put the cons in place for this dress... I ordered a size 10 but it was too big as it was gathering at the side, however I know a size 8 wouldn't have been comfortable as I felt the neck line constantly ride up and put pressure on my neck which I didn't like. At £85 the dress would have to be perfect for me to convince myself on keeping it. Bye Bye beautiful dress :'(

I also tried on the dress back to front in the images below as it has a slight open back, providing a different fit...

The dress fit comfortably this way for me but I felt that you could tell it wasn't on the right way as the fit around the chest was not structured as I find others dresses.. Again the sides piled up me so it still had to be a no, but its so beeeeeeaaauutiiiffffffuuuulllll!!! *le cry*

Eh, moving on to the choker.. I love this choker so much! its rather to the point of not being able to describe the love! I have wanted one like this since I was little and a pearl one too! Its in the sale at £11.25 so I grabbed it straight away! So pleased with it! It makes any outfit look elegant.

In regards to the shoes, I would naturally go with sparkly heel but due to having flat feet and certainly not being able to walk in heels I went with my comfy black ones and maybe I could get away with having a sparkly black clutch or bag to match it up a little

Can't wait to graduate! And I have ordered another dress, still waiting... but hopefully I will get chance to show you guys!
Let me know what you think!?

Craving Clothes xoxo


  1. Oh no! What did you wesr in the end?! You would have looked gorgeous in this for the Winterball. When I went to mine it was James Bond theme and I had no idea what to wear! There was such a mix though. I even saw one girl in jeans and t shirt...brave! Hehe
    Victoria xx

    1. It will be on the blog next week :D
      Thanks, it is such a beautiful dress!
      Omg that sounds so cool! You should be a James Bond mistress so to speak haha
      Really! how very casual for such an event! haha