70s corduroy

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shirt - Topshop
Corduroy A-line skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Topshop
Hat - Topshop

I was inspired by Dearestdeer the fashionblogger to get my hands on this cute little 70s style corduroy front button skirt! She posted a picture on her instagram wearing this skirt and the 70s pussy bow shirt you may have seen in the topshop picture adverts. I am defiantly getting my hands on the pussy bow shirt next! It was such an adorable look!

This skirt has gone into sale when I searched for it and it was all out of stock! Absolutely gutted. I began to search ebay and depop a few weeks later only to realise I should just do my typical trick, keep the page open on my phone and check it everyday. And what happened? Ta da! A size small came back in stock! (I thought I was going to need a medium as I thought Urban Outfitters clothes come up smaller but after talking to someone selling a M on depop I found out that she is the same size as me and M was to big) Of course I snapped up the skirt right away! This trick has never failed me. Even today I managed to get my hands on something I had been watching for 4 weeks! Magic aye! haha

I wasn't really sure how to style this skirt as I had my mind set on the pussy bow shirt. I did a little research into the 70s trend and decided to go with a plain white shirt. At first I felt I looked to plain, so I added a black bow hair clip to the top of the shirt, mimicking a bow tie but I didn't like that either. Then I tried changing the size of my hat to something bigger and floppy. At first I didn't like that either and switched back but when I looked at the pictures on my laptop I preferred the hat as it presented it self as a statement.

To finish the outfit I wore my pointed toe Topshop boots. These boots are so simple but so chic and very expensive! I would never spend as much on such a shoe but luckily for my I had 1 Topshop uniform piece left and bagged them for half price, they are real leather too which I rarely buy into because of the price, so I am extremely pleased I could treat myself to such an elegant pair of sweethearts.

@CravingClothes xoxo

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  1. Love these 70s skirt! Need one myself ! The outfit is a great choice.