Monochrome Jump

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Jumpsuit - DEPOP
Blazer - Primark (currently in-stores)
Choker - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Bank Fashion & Primark Brogues
Hat - Primark

I have only ever owned a jumpsuit once in my life and I don't actually remember wearing it. When I saw this one on DEPOP for £8, bargain! I couldn't say no but I am thinking again in regards to wearing it. I do crave jumpsuits I just don't think I have found the right one yet! I think this jumpsuit would look amazing with a longline/duster blazer! I think It might just balance it out for me. I think the main thing I struggle with is foot wear! As you can see above I change my footwear from some Bank Fashion shoes to Primark Brogues.. I don't link either! I think in the end I prefer the Bank Fashion shoes however... just still not quite right as Goldilocks says.

I teamed this jumpsuit up with the best blazer I have ever found. Just like the Jumpsuit I love blazers but I find it rare to find one that is justtttt right! This one has a cute scallop hem, no padding in the shoulder (which I much prefer!) and a nice rounded neck line. I think this one was £15 and is 1000000% times better then one I brought from Primark for £25 and never wore. 

I couldn't decide on necklace here either as you can see I started with a thick black choker then to a thin silver low hanging choker. I am in two minds, I like the thick black because it feels like its as much a statement as the jumpsuit but then again I dislike it for that reason also and prefer the other for its minimal blend. Decisions, Decisions!!

CravingClothes xoxo

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