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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Shirt - River Island 
(They current have a dress and blazer version too!)
Trousers and shoes - Topshop
Hat - Asos (bought in depop)
Coat - Originally next, bought from charity shop
Bag - Missguided

Hello everyone! Here is my LFW (London Fashion Week) post, hope you enjoy!

Well, for the first time, well maybe for a while, I have had a picture that someone else took without any other lighting or adjustments etc and it look so strange to see myself! Does that make sense?
The pictures I take on my Canon 600D take out my eye bags from the continuous lighting I use. I don't actually edit my skin except for lightening it if its too dark in exposure. So when someone else takes pictures I always look so different! especially as my permanent eye bags come out to play and my casual goofy looking self haha. MY BAGS ARE CHANEL <3 haha

Anyway! My journey to LFW was an expensive one £137 in all :O stupid amount! Some people there were annoyed that they paid around £80-90 and I was just stood there saying to myself "you have no idea!" the trip back was the biggest £95! from 7-9pm I couldn't go back any later because of my son.

I also bought DATA for my phone, ya' know, internet, for the first time to make sure I wouldn't get lost in London as it was my first ever time, but no one told me that data eats up your battery like packman after ghosts! 1 hour in London and it was dead. I popped into Maplin to find an external battery, luckily one for only £10 but that only lasted 30min and then dead again :'( I was so gutted I couldn't take any piccys or vlog but I will be prepared next time! 
The charger cable I ordered on first class delivery on tuesday for my camera didn't turn up until friday morning, long before I left to I didn't have that option either. I didn't fancy taking my Canon because of its weight and expense!

 When I finally got to London I established the tube quite quickly, it was actually easy, and I headed off to Oxford Circus. I had about 2-3 hours before I had already arrange on texting a fellow blogger to meet up, so I just wondered round. Went into topshop first of course! and ending up wondering all the way down to Primark, which didn't look all that fabulous to be honest, it looked quite dark and gloomy. I totally forgot to go look at the home wear section! and I really want some fedoras too but I am going back in a month so fingers crossed! 

By that time I think it was around 11.30 so I text my fellow blogger Nicole, from Fashi0nbynicole and awaited a reply, 10min later I got a reply saying she was in the underground so I head to the tottenham court exit await another reply but because there isn't any signal in the underground the next reply was an hour later. By then I had gotten lost, asked the police for directions and found my way back to topshop where I stood there for probably 45 min trying to get in contact with Nicole to find out where she was or was going.. At this point I was trying really hard not to have a panic attack. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but they aren't that bad as long as I keep myself distracted, but as I was standing outside Topshop, on my todd, anxiously awaiting some answers, the panic started to arise. 

Eventually a reply saying she was on here way to Somerset house. I legged it into the tube where I received some very poor instructions on which tube line it is to Somerset. They told me to get the baker loo line to Charning Cross and I was then told its a 6min walk from there. I ended up outside the houses of parliament asking a policeman for directions who told me I was 20min away!! I raced back up to the tube tunnel and got another line that was 2min away from Somerset house where I met up with:
Laura from the pixie cut, Nicole from fashion by nicole and Ellie from ellie mack (instagram names)

Within 5min of being there I people were asking for my picture which was very exciting. Shortly after the paparazzi vibes kicked it as me and the girls would be stood talking or taking pics of each other and some photographers would be coming in at our feet or bags and just taking pics of us talking, it was very like "AGH WTF okay cool" kind of reaction haha.

We wondered around the court yard and bumped into some more bloggers such as Charlotte fisher (image above) and Kirsty Doll. 'Kirstie greaves' from minimal luxe then met up with us and it wasn't long until 'Im hannah whiting' turned up too. They were all dress so magnificently I must say!
We then all wondered off to the nearest Starbucks where luckily a lady there had a spare usb slot for me to charge my phone and luckily I did because at that time it was 3.35, my partner was meant to pick up my son from school at 3.25. So I rang him straight away to make sure he was awake (he does night shift so its really hard for him to wake up to his alarm during the day) but he wasn't awake! Bloomin mer! He quickly got up and ready as I then rang the school to inform them, they did not sound happy! But there was nothing I could do about that, I was just very lucky to get some battery at a reasonable time for picking him up.

After Starbucks we popped to topshop to get Ellie some comfortable shoes and then headed back to somerset house, around the back this time where Laura, the pixie cut, took some photos of Kirstie looking totally fabulous for her blog. It was around 5pm now, Ellie and Nicole left and me, Laura and Kirstie heading back through to the court yard where we met Olivia Laura and Monique from Glitter and Grimes who had been held up all day sorting things out. 

We were then asked to answer a few questions for a foreign tv show, I can't remember where they were from, something with an S? Salvainen or something? Anyway, I was first in the row absolutely shitting myself as I do not do well in these types of situations, its like being back at school put on the spot on your first day. And of course I messed it up! The second question which was aimed at me was "Have you enjoyed the shows today" I froze! and replied "Uh, yeah they were really interesting.." She stared at me for more and I replied "thats all I have to say, we came for the atmosphere really" and Laura came in for the save! "We didn't see any shows, we came for the atmosphere." I felt like such an absolute dickhead. I pride myself in being honest and truthful about everything but when I get put on the spot like that, my heart just dropped and I stared blankly into the camera, I had lost myself. It was awful. Moving on.. haha

After that tragedy we spotted some celebs singers coming out of one of the buildings, first two members of little mix getting paparazzi'd and then Sarah from Girls A Loud which I have to say the following and it is in no way meant offensive to those who suffer from anorexia. She was disgustingly thin, like, I honestly felt like her leg could snap any minute, but what angered me about this was not her appearance as it her body, she has the care of maintaining it to what ever standard she pleases, what angered me was the blogger girls then turned around and said "I feel really fat now, she so skinny!" You know, all those I feel like a whale kind of comments. And honestly I just wanted to scream! Sarah's current size is no way at a all something to aspire to! It is a vile size to want to be. I totally understand not everyone can help being that size, which I generally would not judge over but this was just ridiculous, I know Sarah has been a nice size before and unless she has developed an eating disorder and think she needs a slap around the face as does anyone aspiring to such as size! 
A healthy size is a 12. I would take on anyone who would want to tell me otherwise, fair enough maybe a 14 too but I couldn't personal say on the 14 because I haven't been there. 

I cannot stand girls who aspire to being a size 8. I'm a size 8 and I hate it more then anything. It generally makes me feel sick and its even worse during intimacy if my partner cresses my structure because I can feel all the bones as he passes, BLEUGH!!!! I was once a size 12 and I was so happy! I was only a size 12 due to a huge amount of stress during university which slowed my metabolism down but now, its just fast tracking everything and I am struggling to keep form a size 6 now.

Back to LFW.... now that rant is over....
After that we went back to oxford circus and went to topshop for some shopping. I was about to leave and I really wanted a piccy of us all before every split off and I went home. So luckily they all agreed and they snapped up some shots which I still need to obtain. After that I said my farewells and hugged everyone and head back to the tube and onto my train home :D

It was such a great day and I hope for next time I can attend two days and I will prepare this time for piccys! Cannot wait until September now!!

Hope you enjoyed that long read and occasional rant haha. Thanks for reading :) 
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Craving Clothes xoxo

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  1. I live 30 minutes away from Central London and even I get lost so I can totally sympathise. Love this outfit though!! xx