My 23rd Birthday OOTD

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Top - Topshop
Real Leather Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Asos (sold out & rare)
Hat - Primark

Wahey I'm a year older on the 28th of Feb, 23! Well I am actually born on a leap year so technically I am only 5 years old still, which is great excuse when I am acting immaturely hehe, but don't think I am immature! I am as real as the earth beneath us when it comes to the serious stuff in life.
Most people question my choice of date for my birthday when its not a leap year "Shouldn't it fall to the 1st of March?" Well! I am born in February and so I shall stay in Februrary. So MEH to you lovey.

I bought this gorgeous sequin top around christmas time at a very pricey price! £55! AHHHH
but I just couldn't say no! It so minimal in its colour and I see a lot of colourful sequin things these days that don't really catch my desire apart from the sequin. The top is part of a two piece and is the same as a sequin dress I posted in January.

The skirt is real leather from American Apparel. I bought this over a year ago for a whopping £150! I think the most I have ever spent on an item before but so worth it as I find it hard to get a good faux leather body con fit. Sadly I bought this when I was a size 12, so the sexual fit just isn't the same as I have unfortunately dropped to an 8. So so gutted, especially with the price!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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