Nude Obsession

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

8. Long Sleeve Crepe Polo Top - Topshop
13. Maxi Dress - Missguided

There is no doubt about it. Nude has taken over my common pastel desires. In a way, the colours are quite pastels being more soft-toned then usual. I just love nude for SS15 its so light and minimal and I really want to get myself into a minimal dress sense.

2. The Boohoo dress is very Kimmy K and personally I could not give two cares *EHM* about the Kardashian family. Sure they SOMETIMES wear nice things, such as what has inspired this dress but I wouldn't like it just because of their hype. I like it because I darn well like it! Its nude, its midi and its overlay which suit my figure perfectly and for just £20, score!

4 & 9. I have been watching Rosa clothing through the winter months but as I currently work in a very hot Topman store! (The only time I pretty much leave the house to show off such a pretty piece) I had to unfortunately say no to their cute jumpers that had fluffy collars on! WAAAAAA. However! You can buy fluffy cuffs for £4 which will be great for the spring and so cute too! I cannot wait to see some summer items piping up on their site. 

7 & 8. This Topshop skirt honestly looks 10x better in person. It has some blush, cream and faint black in the pattern and matches up really well with the Crepe polo which is actually not cream, its more of a nude blush, very faint and unfortunately so popular its sold out online :( But my Derby store has loads at the moment, if your nearby, come see!

10. These culottes are perfect for my nude desires! Culottes are my favourite and last year Dorothy Perkins had some exactly the same for £25 and now I am gutting I didn't force myself into buying them!

12 & 13. This maxi dress looks amazing!! If I wasn't such a shortie I would be all over it and if I could actually walk in those gorgeous caged wedges I would be all over them too! That would be an amazing nude outfit! HASHTAG# Dreaminggggggggg

Craving Clothes xoxo

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