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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top and Skirt - Topshop
Hair Garland & Sandals - Primark

I have decided to change how I edit my pictures again but I will probably go back as I am trying to achieve a 'normal' exposure/temperature but it doesn't always come out that way and I think it looks even worse without the wardrobe. Scrolling down my IG the other night I was looking at my old photos when I used to take out my wardrobe and etc.. and I really liked the simplicity of them. After doing so I remembered why I changed to leaving my wardrobe in.. because I cannot always be accurate when using the dodge tool in regards to making sure I cover the area correctly, as you can see on the floor above in the full length shots. As I uploaded the pictures I noticed all the slight dark marks on the wall and went back into Photoshop and decided to use the brush tool to correct this error for the wall, now I just need a plan for the floor because its textured and painting over it will make it flat.. HMMMM...

What do you guys think? Do you prefer the minimal backdrop or the backdrop with something in it such as my wardrobe... Let me know please :)

Any-who lets get to the outfit. This top is a fab £16 from Topshop. Its a super comfy, funnel neck in a very slightly peachy nude. I love its simplicity and Its a lot better then some other kind of Kim Kardashian tops I have seen because although it a jersey feel, its very light weight.

I paired this top with this cute little skirt. The fit on this skirt and well, a lot of Topshop bottoms, is very awkward because the size eight, I just couldn't get it over my bum but it was perfect on my waist and it also ran up me quickly. The 10 was very good but it was really roomy on my waist which isn't going to be great or summer! But it doesn't ride up me and I am hopeful with my 'gaining weight' plans for the summer, it won't be so roomy. Other then that is a fabulous A-line skirt priced at £32

Lastly, the shoes. They are so damn squishy when I step, its so comfy! and I love how minimal they are. A lot of heels are like this at the moment but I just cannot do heels. Chunky soles foreverrrrr. These were £14 and I haven't found them to rub yet but I haven't worn them for more then 20min around the house, but all seems good!

Craving Clothes xoxo

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