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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dress - Boohoo
Shoes - Primark (recent)

I adore this dress! Its beautiful peach nude, bodycon, overlay, funnel neck and a bargain at only £20!!!! so many pros! I just absolutely love the nude and all over the previous stated, ugh just rather head over heels! It does have its cons I do have to point out. I 'currently' oven a size 8 which is fabulous on my thighs and butt, however its really tight on my tummy so I am sizing up to a 10 it comes it stock again, fingers crossed!! It is also really hard to get off!!! There isn't a zip at the back or side and its a very long scuba material dress, I ended up getting stuck and it felt like the dress went on forever to get it off haha. The third and final con is how it seems to gather around the funnel neck, the overlay top, I don't understand.. its like someone has sown the top around the funnel neck incorrectly, odd isn't it... you can see the top pull, making creases in the top near the neck.

Oh another pro! It has a sexy little split at the back and certainly helps with walking!! I have a tube skirt this length and it isn't easy moving about at a normal pace.

The dress is very Kim Kardashian inspired, which doesn't phase me, I just love the nude, bodycon, funnel neck and overlay design! There are hundreds of Kimmy K designs going around at the moment, most of them are two pieces which Is how she wears it and unfortunately they are mini skirt made, meh, but there are some that are midi length. I am contemplating getting a two piece version instead because then I can use either piece for other outfits however I cannot find anything a-like to this peachy/pinky nude they are more like salmon colours I guess! Pretty Little Thing have a midi skirt in the perfect colour at the moment so I may just get that one!

Thanks for ready :)

CravingClothes xoxo

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