Double Denim for Summer Vibes

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bralet - Primark (recent)
Shirt - Topshop
Shorts - Levis
Necklace - Newlook
Shoes - Converse

Tying a shirt around my tummy has also been a go to styling thing for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes I look like a hooker haha. This time it worked fabulous and I have fallen in love with another Double Denim look, this time the kind of summer edition. I had a few compliments at work on this outfit too but I was wearing a black velvet Topshop bralet instead at that point.

I think I mentioned before that I would never ever go for this dark type of denim however with blonde hair its working a treat for me! This shirt is really soft, comfy and lightweight. It doesn't feel like a denim shirt but is more likely made to look like one.

My trusty levis shorts, I have always adored these. They are my go to shorts in the summer but unfortunately as I have lost so much weight since UNI they are very baggy! but they still look really nice. Definitely on the look this year for a new pair though.

The crochet bralet, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WAS ONLY £5! Its such a staple piece for this summer and such an amazing bargain! Missguided have released their bralet too and its so gorgeous! I want both :'( but I doubt I'll have money for Missguided before it sells out! The only thing I am worried about this bralet is the strap, its avery thin piece of string (the halter neck tie) holding onto the bralet piece and I could see it pulling and snapping with wear so I'll be keeping my eyes on it!

The aztec necklace is just not being give justice in these pics. I love this necklace simply because of the aztec print giving off those festival summer vibes and then a sweet little misty bullet on the end.

Craving Clothes xoxo

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